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Interpretation of the Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre Logo

FPC logo depicts a diversity of the ecosystem, being the elements in permaculture, such as the sun, a fish, a leaf etc, which are all interlinked and based on the balance existing in the natural ecosystem. It shows the integration of trees, plants, animals, natural and man made features and human activities, all within a specific environment with balance in a natural ecosystem. In other words, the logo shows the harmonious integration of landscape and people, providing food, energy,shelter and material and non material needs in a sustainable way, using locally available resources and no chemicals. In this way, soil, energy and other natural resources are conserved, while maximising food production to people. Ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just agricultural systems are the result. The word “Fambidzanai” is a Shona word which suggests walking together i.e. the participation of the five units which are under the ZIP umbrella. It also means to continue participating and reciprocating and puts into perspective that the five units are all neighbourly and work together.