Aquaculture project now on…

Aquaculture is often referred to as controlled cultivation or farming of aquatic organisms and in our case fish. Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre has embarked on a fish farming project to complement the Fisheries module that is part of the Diploma program offered by Fambidzanai Permaculture Training centre in affiliation with Bindura University of Science education.

Integrating aquaculture into agroecological practices offers multiple benefits to the environment and people, ranging from food security, recycling of resources to environmental stability and by aligning aquaculture with the principles of agroecology, a more resilient and effective food production system can be created.

The project has since become a centre of some look and learn visits by other interested parties and the most recent being a visit by the Climate Smart Jobs – Uganda who really appreciated the efforts being put by the Centre to equip the students with practical experience of managing the fish farm.

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