Bocashi-making skills training ignites hope for soil fertility restoration in Mbire

Mbire Bocashi fertilizer training a success

Bocashi Fertilizer training continues to be an overwhelming experience in Mbire district as more wards receive training. Considering the Bocashi fertilizer training, 3 more wards were privileged to have also received this training over the past 2 weeks.

Ward 6 Bocashi Fertilizer Training was held at Pilcent Baruti’s homestead in Mukombero Village and this training attracted 27 farmers, 18 of which were female and only 9 being male. Ward 3 Bocashi training was also held at Madzomba A’s homestead also attracting 30 farmers 17 females and 13 male. Last but not least, Ward 5 in Chidodo also made it to the list as 29 farmers (26 female and 3 male) also attended the training and got an appreciation of how to make a sustainable organic fertilizer that can be made with the available resources in their communities that include cattle manure, goat manure, chicken manure, dried matter, sugar, yeast, water and soil.

The Bocashi fertilizer training comes as the ActionAid Zimbabwe funded project under the Strategic Partnership Agreement 2 (SPA2) is at the tail end of its second year of implementation, notable success stories have been noted as all efforts are focused on changing livelihoods and bring forth sustainability.

Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre’s major aim was to equip the Mbire farmers with the necessary skills to generate and make their own fertilizers that they will be using in their day to day farming practices promoting the agroecological way of farming that is centered upon improving efficiency in the use of natural resources, conserving, protecting and enhancing natural ecosystems, protecting and improving rural livelihoods, equality and social well-being and enhancing the resilience of people, communities and ecosystems.

Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre (FPC) Field Officer Mrs Kudakwashe Mashingaidze appreciated the farmers from all wards that participated that took their time to come and learn and is hoping that they will put the knowledge they obtained into action.

“We are hoping that the farmers will take this knowledge and put it into practice, because what we want is for them to fully embrace organic farming to increase their yields in this coming farming season.” She said.

Ward 5 resident and farmer Mrs. Margaret Chihwai also thanked FPC for the continued support that they are giving to the farmers, most importantly the coming of Bocashi fertilizer will indeed bring forth positive impact in the 2023-2024 farming season.

With the introduction of Bocashi fertilizers, this year’s yield is expected to increase for farmers who will genuinely put into use the knowledge that they attained from the trainings.

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