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About Lands Department

The lands and training department is at the core of the organisation’s technical expertise in Agroecology, providing expert and relevant knowledge and skills in Agroecology, and demonstrating Agroecology practices on site. Through partnership and networking with other organisations, the department is currently racing towards the enhancement of agricultural extension services in Zimbabwe, as an approach that seeks to cover the food insecurity gap through the provision of relevant knowledge and skills in crop and livestock production.?
The department is responsible for gathering, collecting, documenting and demonstrating all knowledge, skills and practices around Agroecology; thriving towards branding FPC as the centre of Agroecology excellence.

Capacity Building and Skills Development in Agroecology

Trainings and technical support that capacitate both the agriculture extension staff and the smallholder farmers, in adapting to Agroecology and organic farming. The capacity building initiatives, which are characterised by skills training of farmers and practice-based certification; farmer to farmer learning through exchange and learning visits, locally, regionally and globally, and the granting of a certificate of practice, accredited by an institution of higher learning, all seek to address to food and nutrition insecurity in Zimbabwe and beyond. The information gathered and documented will be used to catalyse the levitating organic farming movement.

Demonstration of Agroecology Concepts

Through on site demonstrations, the department unlocks the potential of Agroecology as a productive agricultural practice that is simple, cost-effective and eco-friendly. Agroecology skills and practices are exhibited through the lands and training department. ?

Experimental Research on Farming Systems

Through deliberate research and documentation on new sustainable technologies in Agroecology, the department gathers existing, diverse evidences around successful and effective Agroecology and organic practices across different agroecological regions; where such evidences are used to influence changes in farming systems and management of agro-ecosystems. This comprises knowledge and practices from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
A series of sequential modules (in English, Shona and Ndebele) are being developed and shall be published as we race towards enhancing Agroecology knowledge in all agriculturists.

Technical Extension Support Services

Technical extension support services are offered through the Diploma in Agroecology programme that is offered by the organisation. [Related links: Background of diploma in Agroecology]

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