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Diploma in Agroecology

Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre in conjunction with Bindura University of Science Education is offering a Diploma in Agroecology. 

The major aim of the support towards Diploma in Agro-ecology is to develop proficient agriculturalists and development agents that are relevant to their local communities due to?? their capacity to apply sound scientific principles blended with indigenous knowledge principles for sustainable agriculture production and generation of knowledge, based on solutions to real life challenges.



  • To develop a critical mass of trained professionals in Agroecology that would influence a change in agriculture extension systems
  • To improve availability of personnel with practical and entrepreneurial skills in sustainable agriculture and Agroecology.
  • To foster management of agricultural enterprises and Agro ecological landscapes in a sustainable way through appropriate extension support services.
  • To facilitate generation of knowledge through farmer-led researches and application of an array of participatory extension approaches 
  • To improve food security and sovereignty in resource-poor communities through practice of agroecology and application of indigenous knowledge systems in agroecological landscapes. 


Forms are obtainable at the Bindura University of Science Website ( or at FPC after payment of an application fee of $20. Click here to download the application form.
Applications can be posted to
Fambidzanai Training Centre
Post Office Box CY301 Causeway

Or send scanned copies via email:

Principles of Agroecology
Principles of Organic Farming
Principles of Soil and Plant Science
Introduction to Communication and Computer Skills
Agricultural Practice I
Principles of Agricultural Economics
Organic Crop Production
Organic Livestock Production
Climate Change Management
Agricultural Extension
Appropriate Technologies in Agroecology
Agricultural Practice II
Introduction to statistics
Sustainable Seed Production,
Organic Beekeeping
Sustainable Land Use Planning?
Plant Propagation and Management
Health and Safety Education
Sustainable Rangeland and Pasture Management
Postproduction Management and Value Addition
Organic Aquaculture
Sustainable Energy Systems
Watershed and Field Water Management
Course Project
Industrial Attachment


  Intake III                                      Year of Enrolment 2019

Students Registration Deadline

30 September 2019

First Block (2 Weeks)

02 September 2019

Second Block (2 Weeks)

28 October 2019


02 December 2019


For more details on the academic calendar, visit:

In order to qualify for entry in the programme a prospective candidate must:

  • Normally have at least five Ordinary level passes including a Science subject, Mathematics and English Language with grade C or better, or;
  • Normally have at least five Ordinary level passes with grade C or better including Mathematics, English Language and a Science subject; and a Certificate in Agriculture; of no less than twelve months on duration or equivalent.

Payment details:
Bank: FBC
Branch: Private
Branch Code: 004
Account Name: Fambidzanai Training Centre-GA
Account Number: 3027509200151

Contacts: (0242) 2915403/4

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Diploma in Agroecology
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