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Fambidzanai Permaculture Training Centre presents its courses for 2019, these courses are meant to equip and empower communities to be able to deal with current global challenges. All courses we offer provide up to date practical tools that participants can immediately use in their work.  Our courses are highly valued by our participants. Our courses can be tailor- made to suit the requirements of the client and can be conducted either as outreach or as residential on dates as per our schedule or as suggested by client. Courses can only be presented to a minimum of 10 trainees and a maximum of 40 at any given time.

Diploma in Agroecology                                                                   (August 2019)

  • DAF 001 Principles of Agroecology
  • DAF002 Principles of Organic Farming
  • DAF003: Principles of Soil and Plant
  • DAF004 Introduction to Communication and
    Computer Skills
  • DAF005 Agricultural Practice I
  • DAF006: Principles of Agricultural Economics
  • DAF007 Organic Crop Production
  • DAF008: Organic Livestock Production
  • DAF009 Climate Change Management
  • DAF010 Agricultural Extension
  • DAF011: Appropriate Technologies in
  • DAF012 Agricultural Practice II
  • DAF013-
    Introduction to statistics
  • DAF014- Sustainable Seed Production,
  • DAF015- Organic Beekeeping
  • DAF016: Sustainable Land Use
  • DAF017- Plant Propagation and Management
  • DAF018: Health and Safety Education
  • DAF019 Sustainable Rangeland and Pasture Management
  • DAF020 Postproduction Management and Value Addition
  • DAF021- Organic Aquaculture
  • DAF022 Sustainable Energy Systems
  • DAF023 Watershed and Field Water Management
  • DAF024
    Course Project
  • DAF030: Industrial Attachment

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